I love dry, British humour as well as all things Italian so it doesn’t get any better for me when I get the chance to catch Sugg’s Italian Job on TVO Ontario. Graham McPherson, a.k.a. ‘Suggs’, the lead singer of British pop band Madness, takes us in his little mini on an exhilarating journey through the boot. With wit and charm he gives us a humerous, yet informative, description of the Italian landscape, traditions and modern way of life.
In my favourite episode, Suggs goes on an adventure through the Veneto where he emulates the notorious Casanova at the Carnevale di Venezia. In another of his travels he finds himself at the Pallazzo Borghese in Rome as a guest of the Principessa. Not bad for a bloke who was raised without a father and a single mother that spent her evenings employed as a lounge singer just to make ends meet.

If you love travel, culture and history this show is sure to be a hit. It is not only educational but is also amusingly entertaining. There are eight episodes in all which run in syndication. The show can also be seen on-line or purchased on dvd.

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